Organize your projects

Organize a (web) design project. In minutes. Using 100s of task templates and checklists.

New job. New client. New timeline. New doubts? Not on BeeWits! We’ve created hundreds of task templates, so you can just pick-and-mix the tasks you need for this project!

We’ve created hundreds of task templates, so you don’t have to. You just pick-and-mix the tasks you need for your latest project!

Start a project from task templates

We deliver

Client keeps chasing? Invite them to the project. (But you decide what they can see ;-))

Clients want to know what’s going on. And of course, they pay the bills so they need to be treated with respect. With BeeWits you can ask them to join the project.

But it’s YOU who decides what they can see (or not). Just click the Padlock 🔓 to unlock the task – and it’s now visible to the client.

Always know what to do next

ALWAYS know what’s next.

Don’t let work fall through the cracks. With all your web design to-dos at a glance, you’ll know exactly what’s been done and what’s left to do.

All conversations and assigned tasks will happen in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent.

All task lists

Take the pain out of planning

Take the pain out of planning.

We are creatives. We don’t like “planning” and “managing”. We enjoy creating. But without planning projects don’t get completed. Clients are not pleased. Bills are not paid.

With BeeWits you can manage, whilst the tool will not get in the way.

All task lists


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